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Monaro Windows manufacture high performance, architecturally designed aluminium doors from the Vantage, Elevate and ThermalHEART ranges for residential and commercial purposes. We offer the option to custom design your aluminium doors to suit your individual size requirements and style preferences. Monaro Windows works exclusively with Vantage Aluminium Designs due to their innovative performance and design features which deliver outstanding results in residential construction.

Doors are a highly important feature for any kind of property. Apart from providing entry, doors represent a person’s character and taste and as the first visual feature of the home, they really do set the standard and style. Choosing the right type of door can affect how a home looks, feels and operates. Doors are not only gateways for houses, but for individual rooms as well. Getting the right choice can give a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of an environment, and the overall function of the space. With so many choices of doors Canberra home owners can select from, its easy to get overwhelmed, but you can rest assured that at Monaro Windows we have the perfect door to suit almost any kind of property.

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Monaro Windows is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors in Canberra. For more than 25 years, our company has been supplying exceptional products to homes and businesses in the region and aims to provide the ideal door for properties in Canberra and nearby areas. Established by Henry Posch, Monaro Windows offers a selection of doors that differ in style, colour and function. Our range of doors includes hinged doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, double glazed and security doors. We believe that the right kind of door can provide privacy and protection for homes and businesses.

Monaro is proud to offer doors that help homeowners keep their property safe and at the same time add elegance to their space. Our best-selling doors are made locally, manufactured to the specifications of Australia’s leading door and window design specialists, AWS. Together with AWS, Monaro continues to produce a variety of sliding doors and double glazed doors in Canberra that perfectly complement the Australian conditions and lifestyle. If you are in need of stylish and functional doors such as bi-fold doors, hinged doors and sliding doors in Canberra, do not hesitate to contact our team. Customers can also visit our state-of-the-art showrooms located at Queanbeyan and Mitchell. Our staff will be happy to assist with all of your needs.


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