Why Upgrade Your Windows?

  • 1 Comfort

    Thermally efficient windows and doors not only look better and save you money, they also keep you more comfortable too! You can kiss those cold winter drafts goodbye and hot spots in summer are a thing of the past, your new thermally broken aluminium frames won’t radiate heat from the sun or bring the cold in during winter. Along with thermally broken frames, your double glazed windows help to keep a more consistent temperature using an air gap between the glass panes, this air gap can also be filled with argon gas for even greater results. Monaro Windows can also supply tinted glass or apply a film which prevents UV and radiant heat from entering the home, great for reducing the heat, preventing furniture from fading and reducing risk of sunburn on those hot summer days.

  • 2 Style

    Aluminium frames make the best looking and performing windows and doors for Canberra. Due to the strength of aluminium, Monaro can make large windows with relatively thin frames, this means more window and better views, without compromising the structural integrity of the home. On the topic of style, Monaro can colour your aluminium frames in almost any colour you would like with their standard colour and custom colour finishing options. Making window and door frames with your metal roofing or door handles can make for a very sleek and architectural look.

  • 3 Energy Savings

    Windows have traditionally been a weak spot in the home, allowing the heat and the cold to enter the home. With the advances in glazing, framing and window design principles, today’s windows are much more energy efficient, but not all windows are created equal! Monaro Windows manufacture Australia’s highest thermal performing aluminium windows and doors. With double glazing, thermally broken frames and a variety of tinting, film and gas finishes, the temperature in your home will remain more consistent and require less powered heating and cooling through the seasons, good news for your power bill in Canberra’s cold winters and hot dry summers!

  • 4 Noise Reduction

    Your home is your sanctuary. With block sizes reducing and population increasing, noise pollution is becoming a greater concern in Canberra. Unwanted or harmful sounds have increasingly become part of our suburban landscape and can be a significant disturbance to our lifestyle. You’d be amazed at the difference in noise reduction replacing your windows with high performance glazing can make. Check out this brochure for more information – sound solutions and secondary glazing.

  • Energy Efficiency Basics

  • 1 Low-E Glass

    Low-e coatings have been developed to minimise the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. Radiant energy is one of the important ways heat transfer occurs with windows and by reducing the emissivity of the window glass surfaces we can improve a window’s insulating properties. There are two different types of low-e coatings: passive low-e coatings and solar control low-e coatings.

  • 2 U-Value

    The U-value is the measure of how much heat is transferred through the window. The lower the U-value the better the insulation properties of the aluminium window – the better it is at keeping the heat or cold out. In all cases regardless of climate zone an aluminium window with good insulation properties will help to improve the comfort of your home. To comply with energy reports U values must be Lower than or equal to that specified in the report.

  • 3 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

    Solar heat gain through windows is a significant factor in determining the cooling load of many commercial buildings. Solar heat gain is the direct and diffuse radiation coming from the sun and the sky (or reflected from the ground and other surfaces). Some radiation is directly transmitted through the glazing to the building interior, and some may be absorbed in the glazing and indirectly admitted to the inside. The SHGC is expressed as a dimensionless number from 0 to 1. A high coefficient signifies high heat gain, while a low coefficient means low heat gain. We can improve the SHGC by adding a low-E coating and also by adding a tint.

  • Selection Process

  • 1 Choose Your Frame

    The first step to selecting your new windows is to make the decision of window and door frames.  At Monaro Windows, we offer both standard and thermally broken aluminium frames. A thermal break is a non-metallic resin or plastic material installed in the metallic window frame that physically separates the interior part of the window from the exterior part. Hence the pathway for heat energy to be transferred or conducted through the window frame is “thermally broken”. Thermally broken aluminium window systems deliver many advantages, most importantly improved thermal performance over standard aluminium frames.

  • 2 Choose Your Glass

    Choosing the right glazing option for you can be tricky, if you live in a noisy environment, get hit by the afternoon sun or have concerns over the privacy of your home, double glazing is likely the best choice for you. We produce a wide range of finishing options, the first step is single or double glazing and then a window consultant at one of our showrooms can take you through the best solution for your home.

  • 3 Choose Your Style

    As Monaro Windows makes a large range of windows styles along with custom sizes and finishes you certainly have plenty of options. For example there’s; stacking, sliding, awning and double hung to name a few. See the full range here.

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